Monday, February 25, 2008

McCain Smear Campaign: Why Do We Care?

It is almost old news, having been blasted all over CNN, NBC, CBS and more. It is supposedly sensational, having been broken by the formerly austere New York Times. Yet, people are still getting their panties or boxers in a twist over Republican front runner John McCain.
You know the details: John McCain is purported to have had a relationship with a telecommunications lobbyist, Vicki Iseman, as long as nine years ago. Nine years!
Both parties have denied the sentimental relationship but whether it is true or not, the question remains, loud and clear: who cares? (read on...)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Of Superstitions, Odd Beliefs and Various Miscellanea

Virtually every community within society at large subscribes to some type of strange belief, superstition, unfounded fear or simply warnings. Some of those I grew up with stemmed from the deep, enigmatic pages of the Jewish Talmud. Others, from my father's Slavic roots or our Italian neighbor's parents.

1. Pregnant women should not step on fingernails for it may lead to miscarriage or other harm to the unborn baby. This is discussed in the Talmud, and Jewish law warns that cut fingernails should be burned or buried. Standard practice in our home was to flush them down the toilet, which is an adequate way of disposing them. (read more)

How to Go to the Mall with Your Baby

So your baby is six months old already (when did that happen?) and you haven't yet been to the mall. Not the strip mall with the boring supermarket and flower store, but the mall mall, one of those enclosed chicken pens which make America a great place to live in. You stopped going when you were eight months pregnant because you found you were spending more time in the bathroom than in DSW. Plus, it wasn't as if you could fit into anything that wasn't in Mimi's Maternity! Once baby came along, you restricted your car trips due to the heavy volume of desperate crying in the backseat. Furloughs to the grocery store, pharmacy or doctor became your daily adventures: lock the car seat into it's base, hop into driver's seat, wait for high pitched cry. Sing at the top of your lungs (read on)

Monday, February 18, 2008

Your First Place: Cleaning Tips

So you've moved into your first apartment, condo, house, or other. Congratulations! After the obligatory house warming party and a week of settling in, it is time to tackle one of life's inevitable truths: You've got to keep your place clean!

Aside for the regular dust bunnies or spills on the dining room table, there are some new territories to explore. Exciting, isn't it? Here is a list of a couple of hot spots along with some cleaning tips.

Garbage Can: The trash receptacle, as it oftentimes prefers to be called, magically swallows all you throw at it. Garbage pails are your friends, and you must treat them well by lining them with bags and emptying them once in a while. Once a day is preferred, but hey, if you prefer to wallow in the smell of rotting banana peels it's really none of my business. But what I'm really getting at is this: you need to actually scrub that thing clean once in a while. Yep, you heard me. Various odors and spills will collect in your garbage bin, awarding your kitchen with the faint aroma of decay and deterioration. So once every few months yank the bag out and take the can to your shower or bathtub-con-shower (read on)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Symptoms of Pregnancy: Understand Early Signs and Conditions of Being Pregnant

On a late December day, one year ago, I realized I had missed my menstrual period, something that had never occurred before. This was accompanied by my infallible gut feeling that told me I was pregnant. Brilliant, aren't I?

I was also more tired than usual. Medical textbooks will tell you that fatigue is a common sign of early pregnancy. The sleepiness is caused by increased production of a hormone called progesterone. This symptom will likely return in late pregnancy.

Friends of mine have reported additional early pregnancy symptoms such as breast tenderness and dizziness. Women who are more in tune with their bodies will likely experience more symptoms even before receiving (read on)

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Elisa's Chicken Salad Recipe

It is well known that Chicken salad recipes are very hot diet items world over. They're all doing the chicken salad, so hurry, do not dilly dally, grab your best knife and jump on the chicken salad bandwagon while you can! As an aside, allow me to specify that chicken cutlets are not exclusively diet foods - schnitzel, anyone?- and are gladly enjoyed by people all across the weight chart. I would know. Humph!
(Read on for recipe)

On Parenthood and Life Changes

In the alternate universe that is motherhood, you are suddenly as visible as a Victoria's Secret billboard on the West Side Highway. Only, it's not you people notice, but your delightful offspring.

'How cute' they chortle in the supermarket line. 'Look at those eyes!' Yes ma'am, I do look at them often, thank you for pointing them out. 'Oh what a sweet boy!'

It's a girl, you absolute bonehead! Must I dress her in pink for the rest of her life for your benefit?

After all the compliments and tongue clicks, you must passively nod and listen to a combination of wistful memories and mommy tips. 'Two months? How I miss that age! I have teenagers' I smile demurely in false commiseration, as if I care, when all I want is for my baby to nap for more than 30 minutes so I can finally tackle that nasty rim in the bathtub. (Read more)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Employee Handbook - Looking Out for Workplace Violence

The Virginia Tech shooting tragedy has once again raised America's and the world's awareness of possibly unstable individuals in school and in the workplace. The grim reality is that any one person could snap at any given time and businesses are not going to hire psychologists to sit on premises and assess all employees from CEO to janitor. However, following the VA Tech episode many companies have circulated lookout guidelines, hoping to catch a shooter before he or she goes too far.

In our time, awareness often turns into excessive madness as the line between healthy apprehension or alertness and paranoia is too often blurred. To Illustrate this point...(Read On)

Thursday, July 5, 2007

A City Girl in Small Town America

It wasn't until I moved into a small town in New York State that I became aware of the true implications of living outside a metropolis like New York. Growing up in Europe, I was well aware of the basic facts: Americans drive everywhere, they live far from the stores, they never get to walk and that's why they're so fat (sorry, weight challenged).

(Read more...)

Friday, January 26, 2007

Little Known Facts: Cottonelle Toilet Paper

Little known Fact: Cottonelle toilet paper and tissues are widely sold in Italy as well. That wasn't the little known fact, here it comes. Over ten years ago, concerned was expressed regarding the name Cottonelle: it appeared to be misleading, since the product advertised was not Cottone (cotton in Italian). In an effort to reach to consumers and possibly avoid lawsuits, Cottonelle importers inserted contest slips in all tissue boxes and toilet paper packages.
The contest: find a new name for Cottonelle and win a large amount of money in golden coins.
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